Pissing Cat NFT game studio first giveaway marks a significant milestone of community and gaming token public launch.

Remember to buy $PEECAT:


CA: 0x887Cb01eAEAd4946c4dB1a5d357b60A1eAFc7A16

Giveaway information:

A) 1000 random giveaway participants can split 100,000,000,000 $PEECAT equally.

B) Holders of $PEECAT are eligible to participate in the Jackpot draw. It consists of 1 Billion $PEECAT (1 winner) and 101 Legendary NFTs (101 winners).

C) Giveaway main draw will happen on 24.-25. December, but Jackpot draw will happen after NFT collection release. Distribution to the winners will happen at the same time.

Official links:

Giveaway: https://golden.pissingcat.com/lp/116638/giveaway

Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/PissingCatCom/status/1457340045682253827